CHRISTIAN COUNTY, Ill. (WCIA) — A student at Central A&M got the surprise of his life.
Fourth-grader Mason Bauer hadn’t seen his step-dad in almost a year. Sgt Damion king was deployed to Kuwait for a year. Principal Charles Brown said it was a sight to see.

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Brown said, “I always love these videos, I enjoy watching them every time. To be a part of it was even more special than seeing it on social media.”

He said he was ecstatic when he heard Bauers mom wanted to do something.

“Mason’s mom Felicia called me about a week ago and said they would like to try and do something like this and I was on board,” said Brown

His teacher Dawn Morrell said it was hard to hide the excitement.

Morrell said, “I knew it has been a year since mason had got to see him. I was very nervous too. I was excited because I was kind of keeping a secret from my kids.”

After the initial moment, Bauer got to take his stepdad around the halls as the other kids cheered him on.

Brown said, “We just decided it would be best to honor him and have all the students in the school see the sacrifice and the joy of a man coming home to see his stepson.”

There was another surprise today as well his sister got a visit in class as well.