An Army soldier from Louisa County surprised his seven children by coming home for Christmas.

Staff Sergeant Robert Torbush was stationed in Korea as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Team Leader for the past 366 days. He and his wife, Crystal Torbush, planned a surprise homecoming for their kids during a wrestling tournament at Louisa County High School. Two of his sons wrestle for the team.

“I was kind of apprehensive as to what their reaction would be, were they going to come running? Was I going to get knocked over?,” said Torbush.

His sons, Nick and Tyler, had no idea their father had been home for nearly four days, waiting to surprise them.

Lousia County Wrestling Coach Charlie Elkins called an intermission during the tournament and asked his team to take a photo.

“I want my team to turn around and thank everybody for being here,” said Elkins.

That’s when Nick and Tyler turned around to see their father standing in front of them.

“I saw my dad walking up and I was like, ‘Wait is that really him? Hold on.’ Then it hit me and I ran up and hugged him,” said Nick Torbush, a sophomore at the school.

“That’s probably the best part about this is I get to spend the holidays with my family. We all get to be together,” said Robert Torbush.

Robert said he is not only home for the holidays, but will be staying home for good.

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