CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) – Victoria Bullard painted a picture for 10 On Your Side of the kitchen she thought she would have had long before the holiday season.

“The side cabinet, Lazy Susan, corner, this is our sink area so this is where the sink would be, dishwasher here,” she says, when all she is really pointing at for now are empty walls.

After our story nine months ago about her rotting floors, the VFW said it would help the military vet and her active-duty husband.

“I got a call from the VFW back in March,” said Alexandra Serrano, a local realtor who helps the VFW connect with contractors and suppliers to help military families. “This one is not ideal and it’s not in the norm of the past projects with the timeline.”

Serrano is volunteering her time to be an advocate for Bullard by using her connections in the housing market. Habitat for Humanity also got involved and enabled Bullard to start correcting the problem from the bottom up, beginning with the crawlspace and the subfloor.

“It’s sealed, there’s a dehumidifier in there, we don’t have to worry about the crawl space,” Bullard said of the work that’s already complete. “We’re very, very thankful. I’m not falling through the floors like I was.”

Bullard then gave Habitat her old cabinets for resale in one of their stores. Everyone thought a deal was struck with Lowe’s for new cabinets, but that didn’t happen. Then the VFW and Serrano shifted to another partner – Home Depot.

“They said absolutely we’re on board, and I gave them the materials list of the supplies which was right under $25,000,” Serrano said.

That would cover a finished floor, cabinets, a sink, and other items that will make the kitchen and the house a home.

“Alex has been my saving grace,” Bullard said about Serrano. She says she’s confident that Home Depot will come through via its Home Depot Foundation, which helps veterans in situations like Bullard’s.

Serrano says once the materials are secured, the work should take only a week or so to complete.