WILLIAMSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — The former Williamston middle and high school campus is set to become a central tech hub where people from all over Martin County can have access to high-performance broadband.

“Doesn’t matter where you live in North Carolina, you should not be separated from abundance,” said Jeremy Collins, the founder and president of Providence Omnistructure.

Collins is from Dardens, a small part of Martin County. He strongly believes in investing in the community he grew up in. His company, Providence Oministructure, provides the highest quality broadband internet to rural communities as well as technological resources where people can learn about technology.

“People need a solid device, they need a safe place to use that device, and they need the knowledge to fully utilize or maximize that device’s capability,” Collins added. “Martin County is one of the lowest tier counties as far as broadband connectivity is concerned. So we saw an intersectional opportunity here where we can get people broadband.”

Jeremy Collins (Adrianna Hargrove, WNCT photo)

Over the course of a few months, volunteers have come out and helped Collins clear out classrooms and buildings to start renovations.

“We’re gonna use one of these buildings for wellness, the other one for connectivity, one for creativity and then another for innovation and education,” Collins said. “So each one of these four buildings will have a specific purpose and a resource to the community.”

Collins said he’s been working on the project for a year and expects everything to be complete in the next three to four years.

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