Man gets stuck in tree trying to rescue girlfriend’s cat in Norfolk


NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Pony Boy the cat was not having a good day, or almost two days depending on who you ask.

“She’s an indoor cat, she got out of the house,we didn’t realize it until the morning when we tried to feed her. She wasn’t there, she was up in this tree about 50 feet up, and she’s been up there for about a day and a half,” said her owner Nichole Ashikis. 

Ashikis called PETA, she called animal control, but no luck. 

Being a good boyfriend, Jeremy Petersen tried to save Pony Boy.

“My boyfriend got up in the tree and he got stuck up there, so we called 911.” 

That’s when Norfolk Fire-Rescue got involved. They got Jeremy out of the tree, and stayed to get Pony Boy — though it’s not something they normally do.

“In some cases, it’s prudent for us to do it, try and take care of the situation before somebody else tries to get the cat out of the tree,” said Fire Chief Harry Worley.

It was quite the tree, and not just because of the height. 

“Not just from the fall, but also when you go to rescue something like a cat, they’re not too happy about it, and they tend to scratch and grab hold, and move,” Worley added.

Fortunately Pony Boy cooperated, much to the relief of her owner.

As for getting a thank you from this adventurous cat, Pony Boy was having none of it.

As for her owner Nichole, she’s forever grateful.

“I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart, this was incredible, my heart … my heart is warm right now. Thank you so much.”

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