VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A judge denied bond a second time for a man who police believe was trying to commit suicide when he caused a crash that injured four people.

In a hearing on Tuesday, Prosecutors said 20-year-old Matthew Rushin fled the scene of one crash, before causing another.

Police charged Rushin with attempted murder following a crash in early January on First Colonial Road near Interstate 264.

Prosecutors said Rushin had just fled from a hit-and-run on Laskin Road minutes before causing this crash, which sent four people to the hospital.

Evidence from the scene suggests Rushin didn’t even attempt to brake, and hit an SUV being driven by 77-year-old George Cusick head-on at 65 mph.

Cusick is still unconscious and in the hospital.

Prosecutors also said Rushin tried to run following the collision, but several bystanders held him down until police arrived.

Witnesses reportedly said Rushin told them he was trying to kill himself by crashing his car.

Rushin’s defense attorney claimed he was upset about the first crash, was not in a right state of mind and lost control on the slick road — which caused the crash.

Prosecutors argued Rushin has a history of attempted suicide, and has a traumatic brain injury along with Asperger syndrome and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

During Tuesday’s hearing, prosecutors pointed to a case in 2018 when he slammed his car into a barrier at 85 mph.

A judge denied Rushin bond on Tuesday, saying he is a danger to society. Rushin was first denied bond in a hearing on Jan. 10.