HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – It was a much different scene on Grimes Road than when Angel Collaco pulled up Wednesday afternoon.

“There were police, hazard material, ambulances, fire department, everything,” he said.

It was after a 911 call that led fire and rescue crews to a home on the 600 block of Grimes Road.

Inside, they found a dead man and drug paraphernalia.

More crews were called in to handle possible hazardous materials.

In the end, over 40 containers with suspected meth were taken out of the home, according to a criminal complaint.

One of the home’s residents, Ann Marie McQuade, told an officer they’d make drugs inside.

Per the criminal complaint, McQuade said she had purchased cold packs, lye and lighter fluid to make the methamphetamines.

Her partner, she said, would cook the meth in bottles.

McQuade faces charges for manufacturing and conspiracy to manufacture meth.

“It’s more of a sad thing because the epidemic on drugs is really can plague you,” said Phillip Leverette, who lives nearby.

He describes the community as tight-knit. Leverette said everyone talks and helps each other out.

He was sad to see something like this happen.

“It’s crazy. I mean, these people are always quiet and to themselves,” Leverette said. “They are always tinkering or doing their stuff. They say hi. No problem, you wouldn’t think.”

McQuade’s next-door neighbor says he wasn’t shocked to learn what happened.

“It doesn’t surprise me because you can be in the nicest places, and someone moves in from a different city and creates problems,” Andel Collaco said. “That doesn’t surprise me. That’s normal.”

Collaco continued, “No matter how good a neighborhood, sometimes these things happen.”

McQuade was released on a $3,000 bond on May 31. She is scheduled for an arraignment on Monday, June 5.

10 On Your Side is working to learn more about the death investigation. We’ve reached out to Hampton Police for more information, but haven’t heard back.