NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A judge denied bond for the woman accused of approaching a stopped Norfolk school bus with a gun last week.

Officers were called to the intersection of Kenton Avenue and Cary Avenue in the Robert’s Village area around 3:30 p.m. on Sept. 27 for the report of a person with a weapon.

There, they arrested 49-year-old Ciscley Jefferson and 51-year-old Kevin Stacy. Jefferson faces a misdemeanor charge of brandishing a firearm while Stacy faces simple assault.

Ciscley Nadine Jefferson and Kevin Clinton Stacy (Photo courtesy: Norfolk Police)

The judge cited Jefferson’s unsound judgement and the threat she potentially poses to the community in his decision to keep her behind bars.

“She’s willing to pull a gun on a bus instead of stopping her car,” he noted.

Jefferson’s defense attorney explained that multiple children on the bus had thrown objects out of the window toward Jefferson’s car. When she got out of her car to confront the driver, the children yelled slurs at her, she said.

She also noted that Jefferson had called 911 moments before the altercation to report the behavior.

Jefferson’s attorney had asked for her release due to concerns about her medical condition in jail. She said Jefferson had been denied a low sodium diet and the medication she’s prescribed by a doctor. Additionally, she’s suffered from swelling in her extremities while incarcerated and had to be taken for an EKG test.

Her lawyer also acknowledged to the judge that he could place restrictions on her such as a curfew or GPS tracking ankle bracelet. Still, bond was denied.

A preliminary hearing was set for Dec. 4.