CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — As the lives of Israelis and Palestinians hang in the balance, a local family offers prayers.

“Clearly, it continues to escalate, so we continue to pray for pray for Israel and peace for Israel,” said Rita Larson.

Ten days ago, 10 on Your Side was at Norfolk International Airport and Brian and Rita Larson, along with 10 other members of their Suffolk church, returned from a harrowing trip to Israel. They were there for a mission, but ended up becoming part of history.

“It is so complicated over there, but above and beyond anything, it’s just praying for peace,” said Brian Larson.

In the safe harbor of Chesapeake, the Larsons are finetuning plans to break bread with the people of Hampton Roads with a new food truck that will offer hot cinnamon buns.

“Every culture has something that, through the bread, connects them and through the generations,” said Brian Larson, who is a professional baking consultant.

Next week, their food truck will hit the road to serve a community where thousands of loved ones have deployed to the Middle East.

Regina Mobley: What are your thoughts and prayers for the American troops who may be in harm way?

Brian Larson: That’s difficult going into a spot where you are fighting for somebody else. Prayers that they be super safe and the hostages will come home and the people in charge will be directing in some urgency to get them home.

Rita Larson: Yes, provision and protection.

The Larsons and 10 members of their church were extracted from Israel by American Kinetix. A portion of the proceeds from Mr. Yummy Buns will be donated to the nonprofit division of the company that rescued them.