WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — It’s a day that will forever live in infamy.

The UConn men and Purdue women had just won their first NCAA basketball titles, Cher was at No. 1 on the charts with “Believe” and the New York Yankees were about to start their path to a 1999 World Series title.

Italian supermodel and actor Fabio Lanzoni also just happened to be at Busch Gardens Williamsburg to help celebrate the opening of the “Apollo’s Chariot” roller coaster.

The brand new purple and gold Hyper Coaster was the ideal opportunity to let his luscious locks blow in the wind.

There was only one problem — that goose.

During the ride’s first run, a goose slammed into Fabio’s face, leaving him with a few minor cuts and a bloodied face.

The goose had an even worse day. It didn’t survive, but gave us a timeless tale. Comedian Jay Leno called it a “collision between birdbrains.”

Fun fact: Fabio recently had a birthday. He’s now 62!