WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — A man who escaped from Eastern State Hospital Monday is now back in custody.

Michael Malone, who also goes by Christopher Feagin, was found at a convenience store less than 2 miles from the hospital.

10 On Your Side has learned Malone had been planning his escape and called his ex-wife Maggie Sharpe just days before saying he was out of jail and was coming to see her and their 15-year-old son in South Carolina.

“I just thought he was regularly released until yesterday. I got off work and I got a phone call from Virginia police and while I’m on the phone with them, [the] Lexington County [Sheriff] shows up at my house,” Sharpe told 10 On Your Side.

Sharpe, who was married to Malone from 2009-2013 and has full custody of their son, feared for her life when she learned of his escape from Eastern State Hospital.

“I was terrified. I really thought he was coming for me. He has no visitation rights, I want nothing to do with him,” Sharpe said over the phone.

10 On Your Side obtained several legal documents filed by Malone while in jail saying Sharpe wanted him dead. Sharpe tells us it’s the other way around.

“He says I’m paying the officers or the guards in there to beat him up. He’s so crazy. Somehow he managed to get my phone number about two years ago and he’s been blowing my phone up. I blocked the jail numbers,” Sharpe explained.

Sharpe also says she has hundreds of letters from Malone all signed under his alias Christopher Feagin. According to documents Malone filed, he states he goes by the alias so that his ex-wife can’t find him or threaten him.

“We split up because he kept doing drugs and I kept catching him doing drugs. That wasn’t the life I wanted to live or have my son live. He’s done so many drugs, he’s not right in the head no more,” Sharpe explained.

While Sharpe is relieved Malone is back in custody, part of her remains uneasy.

“I haven’t seen him since 2012, but he was very slick back then. I can’t imagine how slick he is now. I told everybody he’s coming for me. I do believe that one day if I die, if I get murdered, it’s going to be because of him,” Sharpe said.

Virginia State Police say Malone was taken without incident around noon on Tuesday.