WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — Busch Gardens’ iconic Loch Ness Monster roller coaster will undergo a full restoration project this offseason.

“Loch Ness Monster has been a staple to our park since 1978, even being recognized as a registered landmark by the American Coaster Enthusiasts,” said Kevin Lembke, President of Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA. “We are excited to continue Loch Ness Monster’s story in 2024 and beyond.” 

The nearly 46-year-old looping yellow coaster known for its innovative interlocking loops will close to the public on October 31 for the project (members get “last to ride” access Nov. 4 and 5).

Nessie will reopen in 2024 with “all-new thrilling elements, dramatic storytelling and innovative effects,” including “something monstrous lurking under the water” at the coaster’s first drop. 900 feet of steel track will also be replaced.

You can read more about the changes and get tickets at Busch Gardens’ website.