WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — James City County leaders waived height restrictions to allow Busch Gardens to continue planning for its tallest attraction ever.

The Board of Supervisors unanimously supported a request by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, LLC, the park owners, to waive the 60-foot height limitation for the area, in order for the installation of a new attraction in the area. It will be built on the former site of the Drachenfire attraction, according to county documents.

The attraction is proposed to reach a height of approximately 355 feet, well over 100 feet taller than the ride that currently holds the title for the park’s tallest, Mach Tower.

Little details are known about the attraction other than it will be an “open, lattice-type structure.”

Neighbors around the project voiced concerns about noise and how the height would change the landscape of the area.

“We have a gold mine in Busch Gardens right now working with us,” said Supervisor Michael Hipple in the meeting. “Busch Gardens has been a great neighbor to Kingsmill and James City County. They have worked very hard to do everything we’ve asked them.”