PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia is starting to send out one-time tax rebates up to $250 per taxpayer, and there’s a new tool out to check if you’re eligible.

The Virginia Department of Taxation’s rebate lookup tool just needs your Social Security number or Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and your zip code to see if you’ll get the rebate (up to $250 for individuals and $500 for joint filers).

Around 3.2 million Virginians are eligible.

The department says you should be eligible if you had a tax liability to the commonwealth last year and you file your 2021 taxes by November 1 of this year.

However if you had any credits, deductions, or subtractions in your return, or if you have any outstanding debts, that could change the amount you get. The tax liability is the overall amount you paid to the state in 2021, not your refund amount/amount you paid at tax time.

Starting on Monday, September 19, the department was expected to send out roughly 250,000 rebates per day, six days per week, after a soft launch last Friday. They’ll go in the order of who filed their taxes first.

The rebates will be issued via direct deposit and through the mail. Checks will be mailed for:

  • Tax returns with no banking information
  • Tax returns for taxpayers who owed additional tax 
  • Direct deposits that were rejected due to closed bank accounts 
  • Partial rebates due to a taxpayer debt setoff

The department says direct deposit will take a couple of days to go through, and a check will take more than a week after the rebate is approved.

For more information and to use the lookup tool, click here.

The rebates were approved by the General Assembly after Virginia reported record financial reserves of nearly $4 billion in 2021. It was attributed to better than expected revenue growth, federal pandemic assistance and cautious state spending during the pandemic.

Former Gov. Ralph Northam had first proposed the $250 rebate back in December 2021. Gov. Glenn Youngkin pushed for $300, but the General Assembly ultimately approved the $250 amount.