YORKTOWN, Va. (WAVY) — As teens and young adults graduated during and right after the pandemic, many felt unsure about the future job market. One pair of brothers decided to create their own opportunity based on their ability to have fun.  

Daniel and David are from Virginia. Daniel graduated from Christopher Newport University a year and half ago, and David graduated from James Madison University in the spring. Like many during the pandemic shut down, the Hulett brothers turn to social media to fill their free time.

They made trick shot videos, and after going viral a few times, they decided to create a company called DND Hulett in 2022. 

“We started doing it for fun,” David said. “Now a year later we are making the same videos but getting paid for it. Even till now it’s like wow!” 

“It was a surreal feeling,” Daniel said. “People talk about you making it, and that was that moment being like ‘we could do this man.’ This could be us.”

The brothers were both finance majors, so they put their degrees to work and created DND Hulett. The pair create mini commercials for brands on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

The Hulett brothers’ clips caught the attention of major brands. They have made content for big brands like Wimbledon and Crocs, and even the most recent “Mission Impossible” film.

Even though they have fun making the videos, they say it was a major sacrifice to pursue their dream. 

“You see our posts and everything looks very glamorous and a lot of it is,” Daniel said. “But it really has been a grind. We had to give up a good bit and work really hard to get to where we are today.”

“I think just commit and discipline yourself to something you love,” David said. “It will work out if you are really committed to it. I remember at the end people were like this is a big risk. A bigger risk would be not committing to it.”

They recently opened a studio in Yorktown to help take their company to the next level.