VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) -Despite the cold, windy weather, a group gathered at Mount Trashmore to walk and raise money for homeless veterans on Sunday.

Those who showed up donated ten to fifteen dollars. The money that was raised, goes towards the organization Veterans Matter.

Veterans Matter is an organization that works to put homeless veterans and their families in permanent housing.

Local veterans, city leaders, and other volunteers made it out to the awareness walk around the lake at Mount Trashmore.

Local high school senior Nataniah Guzman says she took this on, for her senior project.

“For my senior project at Tallwood Academy, we are assigned a project and you pick something you’re passionate about. And so me coming from a military family, veterans is something I’m passionate about. And them being homeless was really something I wanted to take care of.”

Nataniah Guzman, Veterans Matter

Guzman says the organization is not yet in Virginia but she hopes to be the one, to bring it here.

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