VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Natural Gas says they deployed a vehicle equipped with new technology to assist in recovery efforts following the tornado in Virginia Beach.

According to a press release, VNG deployed a vehicle equipped with advanced methane detection equipment that was used to patrol the area. Through this technology, no leaks were found in the affected region.

The vehicle equipment can measure methane in parts-per-billion levels, identify and measure methane plumes in the air, map their locations, and help prioritize the investigation to where potential leaks are located.

“This leak detection method is more efficient and sensitive than traditional processes and allows emissions data to be collected at a speed and scale not previously possible, which is highly useful for areas affected by severe weather,” said Rus Hayslett, vice president of Operations at Virginia Natural Gas. “Following a storm of this magnitude, we want to ensure the community is safe and the integrity of our natural gas system is maintained, and this tool helps us do that most efficiently.”

The recovery and restoration efforts made by VNG will continue throughout the weekend, and residents are reminded to stay alert and safe during this time.