VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A woman from Virginia Beach won the jackpot while playing one of Virginia Lottery’s online games.

Sandra McGuckin told lottery officials she likes to play online games at night to relax. Her nighttime routine was anything but quiet after she found out she won the jackpot in Virginia Lottery’s Prospector’s Gold game. The Virginia Lottery says the odds for winning any of the game’s prizes are 1 in 4.73.

The jackpot, worth $256,143, caused a commotion at her home. McGuckin told officials, “I was screaming like a lunatic!” and “My son and husband came running into the room!” She plans to use her jackpot winnings for bills and maybe a new car.

The Virginia Lottery’s website offers customers many online games to play. The website also has a selection of lottery tickets available for purchase.