VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — There’s a new place for young people to hang out in Virginia Beach.

The new Woodstock skate park is on Providence Road just off Interstate 64.

It’s a skate park, but this one in particular offers up a little more than just skating. The park serves a dual purpose, one that will also help the environment in the area, especially when there’s the chance of flooding.

The city worked with Hampton Roads Sanitation District on this project with the hopes that it will help storm-related sewer overflows whenever the weather gets bad.

“This is not your makeshift backyard ramp that you see built by dad in the backyard,” said Chad Morris planning, design and development administrator for Virginia Beach Parks and Recreation.

For some of its youngest users, the skate park is fresh and fun.

“It’s just super smooth. Nobody is on it. It’s super flowy,” said Lliam, a skater at the park.

Ted Henifin, general manager at Hampton Roads Sanitation District, called the park a “skate park with an environmental twist.”

“We put intermediate level, beginner, advanced features in the skate park, so we wanted it to be a great benefit for anybody in the wheeled sport community,” Morris said.

“And it’s like really, really nice concrete — like, it’s so smooth,” said Lliam.

Henifin said the skate park is going to benefit more than just area skaters.

“Of course people are going to come here and all they’re going to see is the skate park. They aren’t really going to realize what’s behind us with that tank. Which is a wastewater storage facility of five million gallons hidden beneath a skate park. So, great community benefit and serving the environment at the same time,” he said.

Henifin added that the project helps make the most of dollars invested in infrastructure.

“The idea of getting multiple benefits from every dollar we are investing is really what it’s about… Why shouldn’t the community get something that they can see and do and enjoy as a benefit?” he said.

“This is the best skate park ever. You have to come skating. Get your butt off the couch and come skate the park,” said Lliam.