VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach city officials want to hear from residents about the future of recycling in the Resort City.

The city’s curbside contract with Tidewater Fibre Corp. (TFC Recycling) ends in June of next year. Resident’s are encouraged to visit to learn more about recycling options.

According a spokesperson for the city, changes in the global commodities market have led to increased costs in recycling operations. The city will conduct a survey to garner feedback from residents on the increased costs and their opinions of the different options available once the current contract ends.

Officials say the feedback will inform a policy decision and help the city manager determine how to best allocate funds towards recycling in the proposed FY24-25 budget.

“To navigate these challenges, it is vital that we understand the community’s opinions and behaviors around recycling,” said LJ Hansen, director of Virginia Beach Public Works. “Our end goal is to engage with residents and ensure recycling remains accessible, even with the shift in recycling costs.” 

The survey opens on Oct. 2 and will remain open until Nov. 17.