VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Back in October of 1972, when Marge Moore started driving for Virginia Beach Public Schools, a gallon of gas was only 55 cents, Richard Nixon was President and minimum wage was $1.60 an hour.

50 years later, she’s still picking up kids at the bus stop and plans to keep doing what she loves.

And fun fact: She’s never missed a day in her 50-year career.

She says that’s because the kids need to have someone they can depend on.

“It’s fantastic that I’ve made it all this time,” said Marge Moore.

“She’s dependable, reliable, helpful, just someone we all aspire to be,” said Independence Middle School Assistant Principal Laurel Crenshaw.

Moore started as a school bus driver on October 12, 1972, and it’s only fitting on October 12, 2022, that they keep the celebration rolling.

“Most people are trying to get out of work at 25 to 30, but 50 years, she must love it,” said Joanne McCullen. “The children are probably her life and inspiration.”

She has even picked up generations of one Virginia Beach family at the bus stop at Richardson and Witchduck Road. Moore has driven Joanne McCullen’s kids, and now her grandkids too.

Mitsue Shiokawa says even when her daughter doesn’t want to go to school, she still goes because she wants to ride the bus.

“That’s a testament I think to Ms. Moore and the bus environment she’s creating,” said Shiokawa. “I think of all the moms and dads that are able to breathe a sigh of relief because their kids are getting to and from school safely, it’s just an amazing way to contribute to our community.”

There’s no telling how many lives she’s touched throughout her career, but one thing you can tell is how dedicated she is to her job.

“As a matter of fact, we were trying to get her to come out and get on the red carpet so we could really celebrate but she’s in a hurry to go do her next run and that’s what I call dedication,” said Executive Director of Transportation at VBCPS, James Lash.

“It’s evident that her students really love her and she loves her students,” said Crenshaw.

A love story that’s lasted 50 years and isn’t stopping anytime soon.

“Somebody has to bring these kids to school and they have to have someone to depend on and that’s me,” said Moore.

Even though Virginia Beach City Public Schools has a lot of dedicated employees like Marge, they currently have about 60 bus driver vacancies.

Pay starts at $21.00 an hour.

The district also has a Custodial and Food Services Job Fair on Saturday, October 15, starting at 9: a.m. at Green Run High School.

The district is offering a $3,000 hiring bonus.

You can view other openings at VBCPS here.