VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach police are investigating a post on social media about the school board. Members say it is just the latest example of the negative rhetoric they face every day.

Members say they are tired of being berated and harassed.

“I need to know,” one speaker said during a meeting last month. “I’m pissed off.”

It’s words like that Virginia Beach School Board members are hearing more and more of.

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“This pressure is not going to let up,” another speaker added. “You know we are watching you and every single move every single day.”

The negative rhetoric lashed out at school board members is at an all-time high.

“For school board members at this time, I would say it’s like 100 degrees,” said member Sharon Felton. “It’s really hot and it’s getting warmer.”

It’s just not speakers, but it’s on social media too. There was one post questioning why any shooter would go on a shooting spree and target random people when school board members could easily be targeted. It has Virginia Beach police investigating and school board members fearing for their safety.

“We are right across the street from Building 2,” added member Trenace Riggs, referring to the Virginia Beach Municipal Center where a city engineer killed 12 people in May 2019. “Look what happened there.”

“Why would a person want to pick me off when I’m doing my electoral duties?” Felton asked. “It is very unnerving. I’ve had to call a couple of the police officers and ask them what protocol I should take.”

School board members say they are trying hard to just focus on what’s important.

“That’s what we are doing making sure that every child is getting the best education they can,” Riggs said.