VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WAVY) – As legislation in Virginia continues to circle around the idea of new gun laws, multiple counties and cities across the commonwealth have already declared themselves as Second Amendment sanctuaries.

Now, a Virginia Beach man is hoping to make the resort city one as well.

Ultimately, Vincent Smith wants to join those other cities and counties to send a message to the General Assembly in Richmond. He says his message is simple: protect people and their rights.

So, how does the America solve the issue of continued gun violence throughout the state and country?

“You cannot legislate the evil out of man’s heart. Evil exists and no law is going to change that,” Smith said.

He added it’s still a work in progress, but proposed legislation in Richmond for gun control is not the answer.

“They affect honest people like me. I’m not a criminal, I’m an outstanding citizen, I just happen to own guns and they want to make me a felon for possessing those guns,” said Smith.

Smith is a Virginia Beach resident and a city employee who was affected by the May 31 tragedy, too. Still, he is proposing Virginia Beach become a Second Amendment sanctuary.

“The resolution basically tells Richmond that the City of Virginia Beach is not going to spend money and effort and resources trying to enforce laws that Richmond passes that are unconstitutional,” he said.

This comes as several cities have recently passed similar resolutions. Smith says the Virginia Beach community is still healing from the tragedy last spring.

He believes certain gun control laws could interfere with the healing process. While there are other discussions on how to heal, he hopes this stance protects those during the healing process.

“As far as the employees, a lot of us are still a little bit unsettled or in temporary quarters, and we ‘re doing the best we can with what we have. There are employees still suffering, you know, and I hope the public remembers those people,” he added.

Smith will present this resolution to City Council on Dec. 3. He is hoping for a big turnout.