VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Some of the best surfers around are super-stoked to be in Virginia Beach this week. They’re hanging 10 for the annual East Coast Surfing Championships.

The event hit the Virginia Beach Oceanfront this week and while the competition doesn’t start until Tuesday, surfers young and old hit the waves this morning.

“It’s super tiny out there, it’s really hard to surf,” said Esme Brigham who was hoping to catch some waves.

And while the weather and waves aren’t anything to write home about right now, organizers and competitors are hoping the tide will turn, when it counts.

“The rain tends to bring better waves, so hopefully the surf gods will hear us, and we’ll get good waves and then it’ll clear up for the evenings,” said Ron Wudarczyk with ECSC.

“We have a little swell that’s supposed to build tonight, and it’s supposed to be 2-3 feet all day tomorrow,” added Darren Brilhart who traveled all the way from California. Brilhart has been surfing for nearly 50 years, and knows the narrative of the ECSC has often included less than desirable waves, but he says these surfers are ready to dance.

“Competitors adapt to it, that’s their professionalism and that’s what they do. They’re out there practicing right now for the vans pro tomorrow and they’re ready to go in small gear or if we do get more swell.”

Rain or shine, good waves or not, the show will go on.