VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach landowner had until Wednesday to remove homeless people from his property. The city took him to court for permitting homeless encampments on his property. 

On Wednesday, Ron DeAngelis, whose name in Italian means, “The Angel,” was back in court. He said all he wanted to do was help the homeless.  

On his property, he put up an electric utility pole to eliminate gas generator noise for any nearby neighbors. He would pay the power bill, but said the homeless residents would pay him back.  

He then created a warm environment with a freezer and tents for five or six. The space was always clean.   

“When we go back, we are going to find a vacant lot that was once occupied,” DeAngelis said. 

DeAngelis returned to the campsite which is now cleaned up and empty following a judge’s orders.  

“I am going to court and telling the judge they are gone. They no longer have tents here, and no longer occupy the property, and it’s unfortunate because they enjoyed where they were,” DeAngelis added as he walked through the empty campsite.  

Jerry, a former resident, was the last to leave.

“Yes, I am gone,” Jerry told 10 On Your Side. “We are off property. I’m living on the streets right now, but surviving.” 

“It’s a damn shame that somebody is trying to help homeless people. Ron has a good heart, and they want to take my landlord to court,” Jerry added.

When asked whether he is planning on coming out every day to make sure no one returns, DeAngelis shook his head. “No, this is now going to be the job of the police. They can railroad them out.” 

In court, the judge dismissed the case against DeAngelis and said he doesn’t have to pay court costs. 

DeAngelis is planning on selling the land for $1.4 million, removing all the trees that hid the homeless from the road and the neighbors, and putting up all things in storage units. “At least I’ll get some income out of the property, which until now has been costing me a ton of money every year.”