UPDATE: The family tells 10 On Your Side the van was returned Monday. Portsmouth police did not say which crime it was related to.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A Virginia Beach Family is in limbo after their minivan was stolen on Fourth of July weekend and then found with bullet holes and blood stains inside.

It was stolen from their driveway in their neighborhood near Baker Road and Wesleyan Drive. They say some of their neighbors’ cars were broken into that weekend as well.

Police in Portsmouth told the family the van was recovered three days later, but it was used in a crime so that’s why it’s being held at the impound lot for further investigation. The family says they just want to know how long they’ll be without a second car.

Mom Victoria Klahr says she woke up to a notification on her phone on July 1 saying someone was trying to use her credit card. She says she then looked outside and noticed her minivan was gone.

“We went outside and looked and it wasn’t there and his car had been rummaged through and the neighbor across the street, it looked like their car had been opened as well,” said Victoria.

Portsmouth Police say the car was found in a neighborhood near Frederick Boulevard and Turnpike Road.

Officers told Victoria and her husband, Stephen, the car was used in the commission of a felony, but couldn’t give any specific details. She says the impound lot told her she wouldn’t want it back because it was riddled with bullet holes, and the windows were shattered and the car was filled with blood.

“It’s pretty shocking when you hear your car has been filled with bullet holes and blood, I’m like, in shock,” said Victoria. “And like the idea that my diaper bag and stroller could have bullet holes, that just blows my mind.”

The couple has two daughters and a one-year-old son named Alfred. They say it’s been difficult sharing one car and they’re hoping to get the car back, so they can make some money off of it to buy a new car. Victoria also says there were some valuable baby items inside that she wants back.

“His baby book from the doctor was in the car, my brand new wagon stroller was in the car, my baby carrier was in the car, I have no way to carry him anymore,” said Victoria.

Victoria says she’s not sure how the burglars got into her car because she knows it was locked, but says from now on, she plans to bring everything inside. She says ultimately, though, she just wishes she had her car back so she’d be able to take her kids to the pool or the park this summer.

“It’s unfortunate because he has to take his car to work and I am at home without a car for the foreseeable future,” said Victoria.

The couple tells 10 On Your Side they do have a ring camera, but it didn’t catch the car being stolen. They also only had collision coverage on the car, so they aren’t getting much help from their insurance company.

In the meantime, they’ve started a GoFundMe page to help raise money to put toward a new car.