VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. ( WAVY) — The motto Turquoise Daughtry often used is now the inspiration for loved ones who are still trying to process the sudden loss of the owner of a College Park-based school of dance.

“Winners are too busy to be sad; too positive to be doubtful; too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated,” said loved ones in unison as they sat next to Daughtry’s mother during an interview.

Days after turning 37 years old, Daughtry died two weeks ago in a local doctor’s office after undergoing a scheduled medical procedure.

“She was coming out of anesthesia and she had a seizure and they brought her back, but she had another one and they couldn’t bring her back. I kept saying it ain’t true; it ain’t true, but it was,” said her mother Maranda Acoo, who added that Daughtry was diagnosed with asthma when she was a toddler.

Acoo now owns the studio, Turquoise’s School of Dance, which has been instrumental in improving the lives of hundreds of children and young adults who have had hardships such as depression and homelessness.

(WAVY Photo/Regina Mobley)

The students look at her as a second mom when coming to Turquoise;’ she has even paid for college books for me,” said Gabrielle Turner, a former student and instructor at the school.

Too busy, too positive, and too optimistic, Daughtry used the art of dance to show students the steps to success.

“You have to be committed; you have to be dedicated, and you have to work hard on what they are going through; this is like their outlet. This is the only time they have to express themselves to be one within themselves you know just to be a kid,” added Turner.

School supporters say the kids who know how to win will continue dancing because they are too determined to be defeated.

“Ms. Maranda knows we have her back and whatever she needs us to do we are going to step up were going to keep doing it and we are going to keep winning for Turquoise, said instructor Christen Thomas.