VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Virginia Beach City Council unanimously approved the new Virginia Beach Electric Vehicle Community Charging Plan during Tuesdays meeting.

According to a press release, Virginia Beach Public Works presented results of a nine-month long electric vehicle (EV) and charging infrastructure study on Mar. 29.

The Electric Vehicle Charging Plan was then born of those findings and will serve as a roadmap to accommodate the city’s anticipated needs for this transition.

The new plan does not involve the city spending any money at this time, but instead will apply federal and state funding programs that will go towards the acquisition and installation of the EV charging stations.

The plan is also built around a set of recommendations that could be implemented to support the deployment of the charging stations. The following are six key goals that the recommendations address:

  • Ensure charging is available and convenient- How to make charging easier?
  • Catalyze public engagement around EV charging- How do we increase awareness and participation?
  • Enhance municipal EV programs- How can the City lead way?
  • Enhance charger access at Municipal sits- How do we expand charger deployment at municipally-owned sites?
  • Identify sources of funding for EV’s and charging infrastructure- What federal, state, and local recources can the city utilize?
  • Prepare for the future- What issues need to be considered now for the long term?

To read a copy of the plan the presentation slides, click here.