VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Bus routes for Virginia Beach City Public Schools students in the areas impacted by the EF-3 tornado in the Great Neck area of the city will return to normal operations on Wednesday, the school division said.

In the wake of the April 30 tornado, the school division closed Cox High School, Great Neck Middle School and John B. Dey Elementary School the following day, and then adjusted bus routes.

Buses ran their usual routes except for alternative bus stops for Old Donation School students and for students in the Broad Bay Estates and Broad Bay Point Greens.

There were no buses for students in the Chelsea Neighborhood due to streets there initially being impassible. Students there were asked to walk or ride to school if that was possible to do safely.

All other students were able to use their normal bus stops. Students who were not able to report safely were given excused absences and could work with students to make up work.