VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — It has been three weeks since Virginia Beach School Board members delayed a decision on Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s non-discrimination policies for transgender students.

On Tuesday, the debate continued as board members voted on two policies created by school division leaders.

The first policy, removes reference to the Virginia Department of Education Model policies for Treatment of Transgender Students in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools, passed 10-1. The second, which passed 7-3 with one abstention, gives parents the choice to alter their child’s school records. It incorporates Youngkin’s belief that only parents can change their child’s school records and gender identity instead of students themselves.

More than 30 people spoke during Tuesday night’s school board meeting. Once again, the treatment of transgender students was front and center. A majority of those we heard from were Virginia Beach public school students themselves. They say not all LGBT students have a safe or accepting place at home.

“The model policies, by their very nature, are discriminatory and (singles) out transgender students,” said Kellam High School senior Vivian Rose.

Said Ocean Lakes High School senior Jay Cook: “Trans kids will die. Trans kids will suffer, and hide, and feel unwelcome and unworthy. Trans kids will feel scared. Kids will feel scared.

The school division’s proposed revisions call for parents to be notified if a child has a preferred name or gender identity, and it would allow a child to use their preferred gender identity with written permission by a parent.

The revisions, created by the school division’s Policy Review Committee, were readily accepted by some parents who support Youngkin’s plan.

“Placing parents, rightfully, back at the forefront of the charge for their children’s well-being,” one parent said.

Others called out board members for their hesitation on the proposed policy, and cited a lack of preparation.

“I was so appalled by the lack of preparation by this school board,” said parent Dan Chang. “Certain members feel they need to be spoon-fed. You look at the questions asked. They could have been answered if you looked through the package (and) asked the questions before the meeting.”