VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach resident Claire Heilig got her wish when Gwen Stefani’s chair turned on Monday’s episode of “The Voice.”

The 30-year-old Heilig, before performing the Megan Moroney song “Tennessee Orange,” said that she would love to be on Stefani’s team.

Early in her performance, Stefani turned her chair. No other coaches turned, but Heilig will get to continue on the show.

“I’ve got a Barbie doll on my team,” Stefani said. “You’re so cute. I like how dirty and gritty your voice is.”

She asked if Heilig’s voice is always like that, because she said it sounded like it hurt to sing that way.

“People are always like, ‘is that your voice? Are you sick,'” Heilig said on the show.

Voice coach John Legend said Heilig has a lot of grit in her voice, and coach Niall Horan also loved her voice.

“That was so good,” Horan said. “Gwen is so lucky to have you. You’re going to do great things in this competition.”

Stefani said she was lucky that coach Reba McEntire’s team was already full.

“The first chord you started singing, I went, ‘Oh man,'” McEntire said, “your little gravelly voice. It’s real sexy and your range is wonderful. Best of luck to you.”

If you’re familiar with Heilig already, it could be because she also appeared on “The Bachelor” in 2022.

Her song, Something in the Orange, has been streamed more than a million times on Spotify.

“I think that Claire’s texture of voice is so beautiful and rare,” Stefani said. “But in a studio, it would be amazing to work with her. I don’t even think she realizes what she can do with that voice yet, so I’m so excited she’s on my team.”