VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The annual College Beach Weekend in the Resort City has come and gone. Officials there are calling it a success.

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“A lot of people enjoyed themselves,” Mayor Bobby Dyer told 10 On Your Side. “That’s what we want right here in Virginia Beach. I don’t think it could’ve gone better.”

Businesses liked what they saw in the form of a more significant police presence, especially after college beach weekends in the past that turned violent.

“It was actually really nice,” said Jenna Doll from Chemistry Tapas & Tonics. “We thought it was going to be a lot busier than it was. The weather kind of brought it down a little bit, but we had a really good crowd overall.”

Others say officers were all over the city.

“Horse, bikes, golf carts, whatever,” Yasin Karaman from 21st Street Grill told 10 On Your Side. “They keep us safe.”

Doll added that police “did a great job and kept everything under control.”

The City says it plans to put more emphasis on the permitting process moving forward. Dyer says that’ll be the plan for similar events moving forward.

“We want the promoters to emphasize to people that we want people to be safe, to be respectful of people,” Dyer said. “That’s the environment we want right here.”

He adds that he wants to recapture the positivity of Something in the Water. However, his focus is on bringing the festival back after it was reported to be moving to DC.

Dyer wants another shot at bringing it back to the Oceanfront.

“We’re going to prove that we are the city he believes in,” Dyer said in reference to Pharrell.

He added that Governor Youngkin offered state police if they were needed, but this time they weren’t necessary.