VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Virginia Beach resident Corey Best was upset and shocked when he came out to his driveway and his car had been stolen in the middle of the afternoon. He couldn’t believe what he found in the car when he went to pick it up in Norfolk. 

The first thing Best noticed was a bag of coins mixed in with bullets and even a gun magazine. 

“I found 30 debit cards and at least 6 wallets, “ Best told us.  

The car was stolen Monday, August 22, and recovered by Norfolk Police two days later in an East Virginia Beach Blvd parking lot. 

“There is a Honduras passport, a Mexican passport…and several others,” Best adds.

Best went to the Lance Road City Impound lot to pick up his car and found so many stolen items still in the car and he wondered whether the car had even been processed. 

“Hey, my car has been processed, the police officer told me that, and she looks in the computer and says ‘I don’t know if it has been processed. “ 

On Monday there was more confusion at the impound. 

“As I am leaving, a police officer told me he has processed the car, and she said, ‘well maybe we just have things mixed up, but here’s the key.’ She hands me the key, and I then go back there, and everything is in the same spot…same spot, so I don’t think it has been processed at all.” 

10 On Your Side called Norfolk police, and they claim the vehicle was processed with 16 items recovered including latent fingerprints.  

Best says if that’s true, Norfolk police left behind a lot of stolen items which Virginia Beach Police picked up after he got home Monday.

“There was a container full of drugs, and luckily Virginia Beach police took that with them, and there was a gun magazine…there was a $30,000 check to be cashed, so I made sure it was sent with Virginia Beach police.” 

“One person had his registrations, and they were current, and I called him, and he came out yesterday.” 

Even 10 On Your Side took one of the stolen documents to the address on a pay stub. Although, the worker wasn’t there, so we called the company he works for and told them we would mail that along.  

We asked Corey what he thinks happened to his vehicle. 

“I think they took the car, hung out in it for a couple of days, went on a stealing spree, riding around town stealing people’s stuff and this was their get-a-way car.”