VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — An influx of college students at the Oceanfront could mean a big boost in business, but it also raises security concerns if crowds get rowdy.

Thursday may not have been an ideal day at the beach, and it may not have been all that busy on Atlantic Avenue at the Oceanfront, but the owner of Creation Airbrush Maria Espinosa is hopeful business will pick up.

“We can feel that it’s different from last month in march,” Espinosa said.

Especially with the large group of people expected to hit the Oceanfront this weekend, she is hoping for big sales and thinks the city is ready for the crowds.

“I have seen a lot of police… Like walking … With their bicycles patrolling around. I think they are getting ready for the season … for this weekend,” said Espinosa.

Down the street at 17th Street, Sal’s Pizza owner Vedat Yildiz remembers College Beach Weekends of the past and says more police are needed.

“I feel like there are not enough. I feel like they are short. But I feel like they do their best. They come and go. They respond quickly,” Yildiz said.

Yildiz is worried about what goes on at the Oceanfront when big events happen and would like to see the city bring back: Pharrell Williams’ Something in the Water Festival.

“I felt good vibes that weekend, I remember. It gave the kids something to do. Yes, they were happy, happy kids. They were here for fun,” Yilzdez said.

Large crowds do bring in more business, but that takes a back seat to safety.

“Safety first for everyone. That is first thing. So we can concern with other things later.” Yildiz said.