(WGHP) — A book retailer may be facing a legal fight in Virginia over selling certain YA books.

According to a Facebook post, Attorney and state delegate Tim Anderson and his client Tommy Altman, a congressional candidate in the district around Virginia Beach, said “the Virginia Beach Circuit Court has found probable cause that the books “Gender Queer” and “A Court of Mist and Fury” are obscene to unrestricted viewing by minors.”

The post goes on to say that Altman has directed Anderson’s office to “seek a restraining order against Barnes and Noble and Virginia Beach Schools” in order to stop the sale or loaning of these books to minors without parental consent.

“We are in a major fight. Suits like this can be filed all over Virginia. There are dozens of books. Hundreds of schools,” the Facebook post reads.

Bookriot reports that neither of these books contains pornographic material, nor do they fit the definition of obscene.

According to BookRiot, Barnes & Noble has yet to respond to the legal actions taken.

This saga began when School Board member Victoria Manning complained about “Gender Queer” and other titles and it was pulled from school shelves.

This lawsuit marks a step further in fights about what content is considered appropriate for minors. It’s the first time one of these actions has targeted a private business rather than a school.

Anderson also posted screenshots from both books as well as a scan of the restraining order.