VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A new park has opened in Virginia Beach –and those behind it say they hope it brings awareness to the importance of conservation.

It’s called Ferry Point Park and is in the Avalon Woods neighborhood. The Living River Restoration Trust bought the land from a homeowner that sold it because it was flooding too much.

It’s in the eastern branch of the Elizabeth River — the most neglected and least known area. Those with the trust say having areas like this are critical for families and the environment.

Diana Bailey with the trust said, “It’s very important to preseve these lands becase there’s only less than 10% of undeveloped land on the Elizabeth River watershed. Less than 10 percent is incredible. We have come to call land the most endangered species on the Elizabeth River.”

The city will operate the park, which will feature nature trails and eventually a kayaking access point. 

The trust is looking to get more landowners involved in conservation.