Used car dealer in VB says group stole 4 cars, nearly 200 keys

Virginia Beach

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A used car dealership says a handful of cars and numerous keys were stolen from its Virginia Beach location.

The Car Exchange provided 10 On Your Side with video of the incident, which happened around 1:15 a.m. Monday at the lot off South Military Highway.

“They ravaged desks looked through everything, file cabinets. They found two key boxes that we keep on sight. They ripped both of those off the walls. They then proceeded to be here right around an hour.”

In the video you see four young men going in and out of building for more than an hour, before making off with hundreds of car keys.

The business confirmed with 10 On Your Side that four vehicles, two lock boxes and nearly 200 keys were stolen.

“About 2:30 in the morning or 2:20 in the morning, they managed to drive away with four cars. Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, ’08 BMW, and a Subaru Outback,” said Manager Adam Cheek.

On Monday morning, Cheek and his staff tried to put together the pieces.

“So far we’ve only recovered about 2/3rds, maybe 3 quarters of the keys that were missing. Still missing around 19-20 at least,” he said.

He says police have recovered the four cars, but the theft and damage alone will cost them $50,000

“People around here work pretty hard for a living. Most of us are paid on commission when things go missing and cars get stolen, broken into we lose that money, that’s money we don’t have to feed our families,” he said.

He says this is not the first they’ve been robbed, and now they will be making even more changes.

“I think it’s time for alarms to go in. We’re going to put in high security alarms and active alarm systems, so that if somebody does come onto the lot, they’ll be warned.”

But he said they know they’ll move on and get back to business. As far as the thieves, Adam said there is a long road ahead

“I’d say take a second look at your life cause the mistakes you make today do not have to define your life, but they define the direction you go in, so learn from it, own up to it, man up and go from there,” he said.

Police are still looking for the suspects. If you recognize anyone in the video, or know anything, call police.

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