VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – The suspect in a deadly shooting that took place outside of a Virginia Beach Hardee’s was denied bond in court Friday morning. 

Ishaun Riddick is accused of shooting 31-year-old Anthony Johnson three times in the parking lot of the Timberlake Shopping Center on Holland Rd. Johnson would later succumb to his injuries at the hospital. Riddick faces charges of 2nd-degree murder and use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. 

About a dozen members of Riddick’s family were in the courtroom Friday to show support. His mother was the sole witness called to testify. 

She told the court that Riddick had been a bright student. He attended a full year of computer science classes at TCC after graduating from high school in 2018. She also said that Riddick had worked for Amazon for five months up until recently and had a job lined up at a restaurant if he’d been able to be released. 

When asked if Riddick had ever been violent before, his mother said no. She also noted that he didn’t have a criminal history prior to the shooting, which the judge later acknowledged. 

Riddick’s mother said there were no weapons in her home. When asked how he acquired the firearm found on him, she explained that it had been his grandfather’s and that it was passed down to him when he was 18. 

Riddick’s lawyer argued that he should be released but kept on house arrest or similar restrictions. 

“This is a shooting that happened in the middle of the day,” the prosecutor said, adding that it was sparked by a dog running around in the parking lot. 

Despite his record, the judge said that she still considered Riddick a threat to the community and denied him bond. A preliminary hearing is set for May 19.