VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The residents of Holland Pines in Virginia Beach have reported nuisance odors that are leaving a strong stench in their neighborhood.

The city of Virginia Beach Public Utilities, Public Works departments and the Hampton Roads Sanitation District are working together to investigate and identify potential sources of the unwanted smell.

Resident Rosa Willie told WAVY it smells “like rotten eggs or just some sour stink.”

Said another neighbor, Morgan Toliver: “You can be sitting around and just smell it when you’re in your living room — it’s not good.”

As of Nov. 15, the presence of sanitary sewage was not detected in the samples collected of nearby ponds and waterways.

Investigators theorize that the smell could be due to natural causes related to low dissolved oxygen content in the Holland Pines pond. Dry weather conditions may also be a contributing factor of the odor’s lasting intensity and persistence.

Willie said they have experienced unpleasant odors coming from the pond before, but clams this is different. “It’s usually not that long cause, like I said, dead fish…they come out with boats and scoop them up and it goes away.”

There are currently no dead fish in the pond.

Investigations are expected to continue and Public Works will provide an update once testing has been concluded.

To report nuisance odors, please contact Virginia Beach Public Works Operations at 757-385-1470 or email them at

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