VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — There will soon be another vacant seat on Virginia Beach City Council.

Shannon Kane announced Friday that she will resign from her position as councilwoman for the Rose Hall district. Kane’s last day will be April 6.

In a letter to her fellow councilmembers, Kane explained that she and her family purchased a new home outside the district, which she’s moving to next weekend.

“I believe that an elected official who is elected to represent a district needs to live in that district for the entirety of the term of office,” Kane wrote in her letter. 

Kane’s term runs until the end of 2020.

Kane’s resignation means only nine of the 11 council seats will be filled as budget talks commence.  

Earlier this month, David Nygaard had to give up his seat in the Beach District after a three-judge panel ruled he was ineligible to serve in the first place because he did not satisfy residency requirements. 

Applications are currently being accepted for those who are willing to be appointed to the Beach District. Council is scheduled to make a final decision on April 23. 

“It’s mixed reactions (from other council members),” Kane said. “Some are very happy for me that I have found the house of my dreams and that I am putting my family first and am doing the right thing for my family. Others were a little concerned with what that means to fill the two vacancies and the impact left behind until they fill those two seats.”

Kane, who has been on council since 2014, is often viewed as a pro-development member of council, voting both to build the Sports Center and move forward with the Dome Site redevelopment.  

Her absence could prove substantial during a budget process that requires a super majority vote for approval. 

“I looked for a house to rent in the district, to help get through the budget process and so I didn’t have to leave the council. But we couldn’t find anything,” Kane said. “We didn’t expect our house to sell as quickly as it did.”

Mayor Bobby Dyer released this statement Friday afternoon: 

Today I received the voluntary resignation, effective April 6, 2019, of Council Member Shannon DS Kane, the City Council representative from the Rose Hall district in Virginia Beach. Council Member Kane has served this city and the Rose Hall District in a professional and thoughtful manner. We thank her for her dedicated service.

I want to assure the Citizens of Virginia Beach that this resignation will not adversely affect the business of City Council. We will work to fill the vacancy in an expeditious manner.

In accordance with our City Charter, the City Council has 15 days from the effective date of the resignation to petition the court for a special election, and 45 days from the effective date of the resignation to appoint a qualified voter who is a resident of the Rose Hall district to serve Ms. Kane’s unexpired term.

Kane had previously announced she is running for a seat in the Virginia House of Delegates.

When asked if she wanted to avoid voting for tax increases in the FY2020 budget, in order to better her chances, Kane said “no.”

“I have a five year voting record,” Kane said. “I don’t think another vote would make any difference.”

Current Delegate Kelly Fowler, D-VA 21, who is being challenged by Kane, released a statement on Kane’s resignation expressing “disappointment.”

“Ms. Kane was elected on her promise to the Rose Hall District that she would represent their
interests on City Council,” Fowler said. “Halfway through her elected term, she made the decision to seek amore suitable home for her family and no notice was given that she would be vacating her City
Council seat. It is deeply disappointing that the residents of Rose Hall will not have a City
Council Representative looking out for their best interests as the City Budget is considered and
critical decisions are made about funding for flooding issues and Stormwater projects.”