VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A new service is helping emergency providers in Virginia Beach learn more about households with possible special circumstances.

Smart911 provides emergency responders with vital information so they know in advance about special circumstances in a household like developmental disabilities or mental health challenges. The service, which has been available in Virginia Beach since August of 2019.

In case a residents call 911 for police, fire or emergency medical help, the information provided in the Smart 911 profile will allow first responders to have advance notice that they may be responding to a call in which a household member is having a mental health crisis and dispatch a response appropriate to the situation.

When residents sign up for Smart911, their Safety Profiles display on a 9‑1‑1 call taker’s screen, allowing them to view key information such as addresses, mental health and medical information, photos, emergency contacts and more.

Residents are in complete control of what information is included in their Safety Profile and can choose which information they want shared.