VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Drivers in Hampton Roads — and all across the country — are having to dig deeper and deeper to pay for fuel.

Gas prices hit record-breaking levels for the second day in a row Wednesday. AAA says the national average is now $4.40 a gallon for regular unleaded. The average in Virginia is $4.25.

10 On Your Side found one of the highest prices in Hampton Roads at a BP station in Virginia Beach. The price was $4.29 at the corner of Princess Anne and Baxter roads.

The price of fuel is affecting both business and pleasure in the resort city.

“It’s changing the way that I bid on jobs, definitely,” Eric Wiggins told WAVY.

Wiggins has a cleaning business.

“When you’re going to and from your jobs, you don’t really want to tax your customers but, we gotta pay to get there, you know,” Wiggins said.

Frank Singleton knows the struggle, too. He’s another businessman.

“I go through about two or three tanks a week, so it’s a huge, huge problem,” Singleton said.

He now pays $140 a tank, and summer isn’t even here yet. Experts expect prices will continue to rise.

“We usually see a spike in demand over the summer anyway because people are out of school, take their vacations, are more on the road than they normally are,” said Ryan Adcock with AAA Tidewater.

AAA will release its Memorial Day travel prediction next week, and who knows what exactly to expect.

“We are really just rolling with the punches at the moment,” Adcock said.

Demand may dip due to higher prices.

10 On Your Side found some ways to get the most for the money you’re pumping into your car:

  • Keep your tires rotated and properly inflated
  • Keep a constant speed and glide into stops
  • Use cruise control for longer trips
  • Keep speeds at or under the speed limit
  • Avoid idling
  • Plan errands to avoid backtracking

Here are some more suggestions from AAA.