VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — People living at a Virginia Beach apartment complex tell 10 On Your Side a noisy pump nearby is disrupting their daily lives.

“Originally, it was not that loud,” said Joe Judge. “It’s just gotten progressively louder, and it seems to be a problem that can’t be fixed,” he said.

Judge claims the pump outside the Lynnhaven Shores Condominiums interrupts the business he and Becky Dove run together from their home — but also their daily routine.

“It wakes you up at night,” said Dove.

“And it greets you in the morning,” said Judge.

The pump makes a loud noise every four or five minutes when it starts running, then there’s a constant hum until the next cycle ends. Plus, the couple says, it emits an unpleasant odor.

Judge said they have called Public Utilities, who have told them for close to a year that they are waiting for a new part to fix the problem. 10 On Your Side also reached out to Public Utilities Tuesday.

“The pump station has been on a temporary bypass pump as a result of the electric pump motors burning out,” according to a statement issued by Virginia Beach Public Utilities.

“Due to ongoing supply chain issues, the delivery of the parts needed to repair the motors has been delayed. Our contractor expects the necessary parts to arrive later this month, at which point the motors will be repaired, tested, and reinstalled. This will eliminate the noise caused by the temporary bypass pump. We will continue to address odor issues with the deodorant blocks used in sanitary sewer pump stations.”

Dove and Judge said they’ve heard that story before, but they’re hoping this time, it’s the truth. 

“It’s not Congress trying to balance a budget,” Dove said. “It’s trying to fix a machine. This has gotta go.”