VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Millions of Ukrainians have fled their country and some of them were in attendance at an interfaith prayer service Saturday at Mt. Trashmore.

The message was, however, designed for those who are still there.

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“We’re gonna join our hearts with their hearts,” said Bob Fox from the stage. His 757 Church co-sponsored the event with Global Outreach Church. Nataliya Khomyak repeated Fox’s words in her native language beside him.

They hope that compassion in any language will translate into hope for people in Ukraine.

Oleksandrea Yaklaevlyeva came to Suffolk just days after the war started, but her husband, sister, brother, mother and father are all still in Ukraine.

“It’s very uncomfortable. People are very scared there and very uncertain of their future, as we are also. They need prayer and that’s why this is so important for them,” she said.

Faith leaders from Christian, Orthodox and Jewish communities led the crowd in spiritual messages.

Khomyak is director of operations for Orphans Promise outreach for the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

“I just came from Ukraine a couple of weeks ago and it’s important for people to know that they care, that they are not just forgotten and left alone because we have the repetition of what was happening in World War two,” she added.

The entire event was recorded with cameras and a drone so those who remain in Ukraine can see it on Youtube.

“Their Ukrainian friends (here in Hampton Roads) are gonna be sending the link to it, and I think it’s gonna be very touching. God knows they need it,” Fox said