VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The Something in the Water festival’s basketball court on the beach was so popular, a petition was started to keep it at the Oceanfront through the end of summer. 

The court that sat just off the boardwalk on 24th Street was part of the Adidas Creator Park. It allowed festival goers to show off their hoop skills, participate in dance workshops and watch dance competitions with Pharrell’s celebrity choreographer.

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It was such a hit that user Bo Wilder launched a petition to keep it.

“This petition is for any and everyone that would like to have a basketball court down on the Oceanfront for the summer for a nice place to play ball on the beach,” Wilder wrote on the site. “It could also give kids another place to play if they don’t want to play at the playgrounds on the beach, and it could bring people from around the coast just to play on that court. Hopefully, we can make it happen.”

Pharrell and Adidas were tagged in the post, which already has more than 10,000 signatures, and more are being added as it makes the rounds online.

Chopper 10 captured the spot on Tuesday where the court once stood, and it was nearly cleared. 

But the movement did get the attention of Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Jessica Abbott.

“That might be something that is needed at the Oceanfront,” Abbott told her fellow council members during Tuesday’s work session. 

 Mayor Dyer agreed it would be something worth looking into. 

“I think we really stirred an interest,” Dyer said.

However, to the disappointment of many, the court is already gone. The parts are now stacked and set to be removed from the beach.

Chopper 10 captured the spot on Tuesday where the court once stood, and it was nearly cleared. 

“I thought it was really cool to be honest. I wanted to come and try it for myself,” said Ade Jenkins. “I already had my shoes in my bag and I was ready to step on the court, but it’s not out here.”

Still, people we spoke to are holding out hope that Pharrell or maybe even the city might be able to bring it back.

“We need it here because it’s great exposure for the boys,” said Aquila Bond. “It would be great to keep it here.”

“It’s a nice attraction to lighten up the beach. It would bring a lot more kids out here,” Jenkins said. “I would probably be out here every day, to be honest.”

10 On Your Side caught up with Dyer, who seems to be on board with the idea too.

“I just found out about that request yesterday and I tell you what — we are the city of “yes” and let’s look into the possibilities and see what we might be able to do,” Dyer said.

Although it’s not clear what will happen, Dyer wants to keep the momentum from the festival up.

“Yeah there was something in the water, but there was something in the air and that was positivity, so let’s do whatever we can to keep that positivity going,” he said.

Although most of the people we spoke to were for the court, we did find one person who was against it.

He didn’t want to speak on camera but he said there are plenty of basketball courts around the city and one on the beach isn’t needed.

We’ll let you know if there are any official talks of bringing the court back.