VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The City of Virginia Beach Friday said the Oceanfront Resort is currently in an extreme red flag condition. 

The city advises swimmers to stay out of the water. 

You won’t see any red flag flying because the lifeguard stands were recently removed. Tom Gill, the Chief of Lifesaving Service, said his team will patrol daily from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. He said there will be a rescue team that stays until midnight. 

“We have people going out. They will talk to people as they see them and explain the danger,” he said. 

Gill said the strong north wind and high surf could cause some treacherous conditions. 

“High north winds caused by the cold front coming through and we’ve got Hurricane Fiona well off the coast but giving us large surf,” he said. “Stay out of the ocean. It’s going to be a dangerous spot for a little while.”

He said the wind and surf will disturb the sandbars and cause an increased risk of rip currents. 

“With all this push coming in, it will be pretty heavy for the next couple of days,” Gill said. 

He said even if it looks calm, rip currents could still push hard. He recommends swimmers stay out of the water for the next couple of days. 

For Katie and Devin Hansen, they headed to the Oceanfront from Northern Virginia. They were wishing for better weather. 

“We are hoping it was going to be a little warmer and less windy,” Katie said. 

Devin decided to dip his toes into the ocean and play with his beach pale, but he said it was quite cold. 

“It’s freezing. I would not recommend going out there,” he said. 

Nonetheless, Katie and Devin enjoyed their last summer trip to the beach. 

Gill said there is plenty of things to do besides hopping in the ocean. 

“It’s a beautiful day to come play on the beach. Play on the boardwalk,” he said.