VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — Down at Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach, there’s a charter boat tied up at the dock. It’s owned and operated by Jake Hiles, a Hampton Roads man who is now charged with participating in the riots at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. 

In the federal criminal complaint, the evidence is noted with pictures of Matador Charters owner Jake Hiles in the Capitol that he had posted to his Facebook account.

He’s seen wearing a colored sweatshirt with the words “F—k Antifa.”

Documents say Hiles wrote on Facebook “Feelin cute… might start a revolution later. IDK.” with a location tag reading “in Capitol Hill.”

Hiles’ neighbor didn’t want to be identified by name, but says he’s not surprised by the arrest warrants due to Hiles past behavior.

“I think what they did in the Capitol, it was awful. These people think it’s rioting and protesting, but it was far worse. It was insurrection and take-over,” the neighbor said.

The criminal complaint also alleges Hiles posted more information about being in the Capitol after rioters came into contact with police.

“After being tear gassed for an hour, we entered the capitol, thousands of us. The FBI shot and killed a woman in front of us. We followed the trail of her blood out of the building. Im going home. I watched the American government attack it’s [sic] own people today.”  

10 On Your Side asked the neighbor if he’s nervous about having Hiles in the neighborhood.

“No. It doesn’t concern me all that much. I mean, I lived here four or five years, and he has been a decent neighbor. I can’t say anything. You wouldn’t know how he feels unless you saw the ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ flag outside his house.”

The Gadsden flag is on the car license plates and hanging outside the home.

“It’s a weird flag. It doesn’t make sense to me in this day and age. I don’t know what they are thinking on why they are using … this symbol. Who is treading on them … I mean, seriously treading on them?”

This neighbor doesn’t understand the anger that would lead to Hiles and thousands of others storming the Capitol. 

The charges include entering grounds without lawful authority, intent to impede government business, disorderly conduct and parading, demonstrating or picketing the Capitol buildings. 

“I look around about how they say things are beginning to be taken away. What rights are being squandered? Where? I don’t see it,” the neighbor said.

Last summer, Hiles was also the subject of a WAVY story for a different matter: Hiles made it a policy not to take out Democrats on his private charter boat.   

At that time, Hiles gave a hint about his concerns about the government and the Democratic party.

“I have watched repeatedly as the Democratic party has tried to regulate my industry, business, and based on some interactions, I have had with customers this year, I decided I didn’t want to have Democrats on my boat anymore,” Hiles said over the summer.

Hiles’ neighbor remembers that “no Democrats on board” story. 

“I remember [him] not allowing Democrats on his boat, and I think that type of mentality is bad. We are already divided. I don’t care who you vote for, what your personal opinions are. I’m not going to disparage you. I’m going to let you come to my business, and I would expect the same,” he said.  

We reached out to Hiles and he texted back immediately.

“I cannot comment at this time,” he said.