VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A man accused of killing three people close to him earlier this year in Virginia Beach and Norfolk faced a judge for a preliminary hearing on Thursday, where new details in the case were shared during testimony, including that Cola Beale IV admitted to tying up his girlfriend to a bed before killing her and that he stole up to $20,000 from the safe of another victim.

Beale has already admitted to authorities and to WAVY in a jailhouse interview that he shot and killed all three victims, including his girlfriend, 31-year-old Czavi’er Hill, back on March 22. The other victims were Clifton Baxter, who was a father figure for Beale and helped raise him, and his cousin Downing McLean, who was close with Beale, the victim’s sister said.

A detective who testified Wednesday said that Beale poured bleach on her dog the night she was killed.

After Hill said “don’t hurt the dog, he’s done nothing wrong,” Beale shot her, the detective said.

Two days after, on March 24, Beale comes back to Hill’s house and sets it on fire on fire, killing the dog.

On March 25, Beale goes to the house of Clifton Baxter and kills him.

Beale also admitted to stealing between $15,000 to $20,000 in Baxter’s safe the day he killed him, saying he felt as if he deserved it.

Beale is also accused of killing his cousin, Downing McLean, in Norfolk on March 28. He awaits court action on this case.

A recurring theme in the case is that Beale has shown no remorse and he says he just wants to die after everything that’s happened.

Beale also credits the U.S. Marshall raid for stopping him from killing more people.

The Virginia Beach district court judge certified the case to a grand jury. Beale’s trial is expected to begin on September 20, however that could be pushed back.