VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A man reached his final destination Thursday night following a cross-country walk to raise money for cancer research.

Jarad Schoefer, a high school math teacher from Washington D.C., began his trip nearly 90 days ago at the Santa Monica fishing pier in California. Although he is walking for a good cause, he questioned his decision from the start.

“I wanted to quit a hundred times in the first week,” he said. “I’m just so glad I didn’t.”

He began this journey to raise $40,000 after a friend and collegue of his passes away from cancer.

Throughout his trip, he has averaged about 35 miles of walking per day since the beginning, however, Mother Nature hasn’t been as cooperative as he would’ve liked.

“There was sixteen-degree weather in Texas, there was 30 to 50 mile an hour winds for 12 straight hours for 2 straight days in Oklahoma that I had to push through.”

As he made his way to the Virginia Beach Oceanfront, he has raised over $37,000.

“I’m very happy I persevered and did this for a greater cause,” Schoefer said. “When I looked back on how much money I’ve raised, I’ll be really happy.”