VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – A man was sentenced to two life terms in prison and an additional 20 years for the sexual abuse of a young child.

According to a release, Brian James Talbot, 55, was sentenced on charges of rape -victim under the age of 13, object sexual penetration- victim under the age of 15 and aggravated sexual battery- victim under the age of 13.

Judge Lewis sentenced him to two terms of life in prison plus 20 years which is the maximum sentence for these crimes.

It is well over the adjusted high-end of the Virginia State Sentencing Guidelines
the recommendation which called for a maximum punishment of 53 years.

The Commonwealth had evidence that proved in July 2007 Talbot came to Virginia Beach to celebrate the birthday of a relative. The victim was also in Virginia Beach for this celebration.

While in Virginia Beach, Talbot took the victim out in the water where the victim could not touch the ocean floor and sexually molested the victim.

The next day he took the victim to a bedroom, held her down and raped her.

The victim’s parents found messages on the victim’s phone regarding the abuse and reported the crimes to the police.

Talbot has a previous conviction for raping another child.